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By Stan Persky | 2001 December 21

Today no one cares about the tongue of Orpheus cut out by order of the tyrant yesterday.     And everyday schoolchildren visit the museum to gaze indifferently upon the tongue of Orpheus in a glass case.    Allthat’slivingmemorytome isbuttheendofhistory    for the children bow their heads only to the little screens    in their palms "…class…

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The Smoking Debate

By Raywat Deonandan | 2001 December 19

Raywat Deonandan wades carefully into the debate over smoking.

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If a Tree Doesn’t Fall in Williams Lake, Does Anybody Hear?

By Meryl Duprey | 2001 December 14

Meryl Duprey files a Globalization progress report from Williams Lake, British Columbia

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Lights Out At The El Mocambo

By Bill King | 2001 December 2

Bill King remembers Toronto’s recently deceased El Mocambo from a musician’s point of view

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By admin | 2001 November 30

Giddy about the end of term, our two trouble-making pedagogues offer a synopsis of how to get to class

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By admin | 2001 November 28

Knighton and Persky, trouble-making instructors at North Vancouver’s Capilano College, offer a synopsis of the first chapter of a book outlining their revolutionary pedagogic methods

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Revenge of the Sociologists

By Daniel Gawthrop | 2001 November 24

Daniel Gawthrop scratches his head over
"cultural creatives"

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The Dust of Memory

By Michael Burtt | 2001 October 30

Michael Burtt attempts to define the essential quality of the Post September 11th world

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By Stan Persky | 2001 August 28

Stan Persky begins a relevant argument with Internet Search Engines

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Kisses, Punches

By Lanny Beckman | 2001 August 4

Lanny Beckman on Kisses, Punches

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