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Twitter Storm Spatters Elderly Writers Talese and Trillin

By Stan Persky | 2016 April 13

Veteran writers Gay Talese and Calvin Trillin come under digital fire. The Old People’s Review of Books rushes to their defense.

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Dr. Massimo’s Blah, blah, blah

By Brian Fawcett | 2007 September 5

Brian Fawcett shows some irritation with a Canadian book on the various
weird foods around the world, finding the author more weird than
anything he writes about.
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White Slob

By Brian Fawcett | 2007 May 28
Brian Fawcett has had enough of Anthony Bourdain and chefs as Darwinist
culture heroes, particularly when they decide to write autobiographies.
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Koji’s Story

By Brian Fawcett | 2006 October 16

Brian Fawcett has a review of one of Vancouver’s better sushi joints, and a good story to tell about why it has survived in a poor location for more than 20 years.

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Tomatoes In Toronto

By Gordon Lockheed | 2001 September 18

Graz’s first letter, dated September 10, 2001

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