Whose Side Are We On?

By Tom Sandborn | June 3, 2005

Tom Sandborn wants to know why Canada seemingly tried to prevent an Ethiopian scientist from attending a key meeting in Montreal to discuss the issues surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMOs). He also asks some hard questions about whether our government is on the side of the corporations, or with the farmers around the world that GMOs are impoverishing.

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Unlimited Miles

By Bill King | May 30, 2005

Jazz pianist Bill King writes an appreciate of just how great Miles Davis was, from stageside.

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Escaping the Celtic Mafia: Rethinking the Causes of the Atlantic Canadian Diaspora

By S.G. Irving | May 3, 2005’s newest contributor, S.G. Irving, challenges the stereotypes, both real and imagined, that define our shared understanding of life in Atlantic Canada.

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Wretched Media Excesses/Two Deaths and an Election

By Brian Fawcett | April 25, 2005

Brian Fawcett examines some recent media events, and has some unkind words for everyone concerned…

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Letter from Berlin: The Sound of …

By Stan Persky | March 14, 2005

Perched in the upper reaches of a Berlin concert hall, Stan Persky is all ears.

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Shopping for Safe Streets

By Ryan Knighton | December 2, 2004

A street encounter makes Ryan Knighton think twice about British Columbia’s not-exactly controversial Safe Streets Act

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By George Stanley | November 30, 2004


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My Level 10 Hangover in The Dawn of the New World According to George W. Bush

By Brian Fawcett | November 12, 2004

Brian Fawcett crawled out of a two week U.S. Election funk with a serious hangover. He explains why.

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The Canadian Roadmap

By Max Fawcett | November 11, 2004

Yasser Araft’s death has raised hopes that a new peace can be brokered between Israel and the Palestinian people. Max Fawcett disagrees, but he has a roadmap of his own that he thinks would actually work. Strangely enough, it comes the pages of our own history here in Canada.

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A Global Hangover

By Max Fawcett | November 11, 2004

Four years ago the American electorate got a little drunk and took the village idiot home. This time, they married him. What does this mean for the rest of us? Max Fawcett has a couple of ideas.

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