The Answer to Some Things (and not others)

By Vivien Lougheed | 2022 January 18

THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING, by Ken Belford, Edited by Professor Rob Budde, Si Transken, with Jordan Scott; Caitlin Press, Qualicum Beach, B.C., pp., $22   In the foreword to The Answer to Everything, editor Rob Budde says he hopes that his selection of the poems of Ken Belford, “is chosen by future scholars as a…

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Far from the Madding Crowd

By Stan Persky | 2020 December 11

Douglas Murray’s “The Madness of Crowds,” a critique of the “social justice movement,” is a conservative writer’s response to gays, feminists, race, and trans people. Stan Persky reviews it, keeping an eye on the tripwires in an ideological minefield.

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The (Good) Trouble With David Shields

By Brian Fawcett | 2020 August 20

David Shields’ The Trouble with Men. It ain’t self-help, says Brian Fawcett.

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Woody Allen - Apropos of Nothing book cover

Apropos of Woody Allen: The Anxiety of Being… and don’t forget Nothingness

By Stan Persky | 2020 August 18

Woody Allen’s autobiography is not-so-great, but the films are more than good. Stan Persky reviews the book, the scandals, and the stuff on the silver screen.

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Norm Sibum and the Poetry of “Flaneurism”

By Brian Fawcett | 2020 July 21

Brian Fawcett reads Norm Sibum’s new volume of verse. He thinks Sibum is a skilled poet, but….

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Big Pharma: drugging involuntary psychiatric patients

By Tom Sandborn | 2020 July 2

Lawyer Jim Gottstein uncovers Big Pharma’s use of the drug Zyprexa on involuntary mental patients.

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Paul Krugman vs. the Policy Proposals of the Living Dead

By Stan Persky | 2020 April 27

Paul Krugman’s Arguing With Zombies drives a stake through the heart of “zombie ideas.” The premier U.S. op-ed columnist who writes honestly about dishonesty.

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Is There an Answer to Cultural Appropriation?

By John Harris | 2019 December 1

John Harris reviews a little known pamphlet from a little known press about a deceptively large subject.

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Guardians of the Truth? Notes on MSM

By Stan Persky | 2019 March 26

Stan Persky checks out the “guardians of the truth,” and puts in a good word for mainstream media (MSM). It’s “breaking news.”

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This Year’s Question

By Stan Persky | 2019 February 25

Can Democracy Work? asks James Miller. It’s not only this year’s question, it’s a question for the ages, from ancient Athens to the Trumpian present.

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