The French Connection

By Tom Sito | 2003 March 17

A renegade American historian points out a few things everyone seems to be forgetting in the Iraq crisis…

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A Bad Case of Blindness

By Ryan Knighton | 2003 March 10

Ryan Knighton goes to see, sort of, the movie Daredevil

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A Short Solution to the Non-Reading Crisis

By Stan Persky | 2003 February 2

In case you haven’t heard, a non-reading crisis is sweeping the nation. Stan Persky has a solution.

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By Ryan Knighton | 2003 January 31

Ryan Knighton continues his elegy for cigarettes–or his descent into recidivism…

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By Ryan Knighton | 2003 January 27

Ryan Knighton tries to wax philosophical about quitting smoking, but would really rather…

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On The Rewards of Plagiarism

By Ryan Knighton | 2002 November 5

Ryan Knighton wonders if college-level plagiarism might not be presenting a societal morality

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Taslima and Salman: A Fatwa With a Difference

By Jacqueline Swartz | 2002 October 18

Jacqueline Swartz outlines some differences in the fatwas against Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasrin. Nasrin appeared at Toronto’s Harbourfront Writers Festival in late October

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On Psychopathy TM

By Ryan Knighton | 2002 September 27

Ryan Knighton raises the possibility that corporate manipulation of the cybersphere is creating a new kind of psychopath

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By John Mcleod | 2002 September 17

Our new correspondent in Uzbekistan files a report on life in Tashkent..

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By Keith Kubeck | 2002 August 7

A Quebec carpenter examines his ancestral tools, and their value

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