What’s it all about?

Dooneyscafe.com is a state of mind rooted in several things: a community centred around Toronto’s Bloor Street West, dissatisfaction with conventional news gathering, analysis and dissemination, and a desire to provide authors with the space and freedom to explore issues in greater depth and detail than the mainstream media allows.  It is an edited site without a curatorial bias, and it does not permit blogging, which it views as unedited and usually unresearched opinion.

Dooneyscafe.com offers open space to  writers who dislike the current supervisors of culture and the types and degrees of supervision.

Dooneyscafe.com has no editorial policy other than that implicit in the selection of writers who are offered free access and a belief that conventional media isn’t offering much insight into our collective or individual conditions. It is not a blog site. Everything that appears on the site has been edited.

The views expressed by the writers are morally, legally, and wherever our editorial attentions have failed, grammatically their own. They do not reflect the view of the owners/operators of  dooneyscafe.com, nor will they be either endorsed, rejected, or given free coffee. They are offered in their multiplicity as exercises in free and clear speech, which together are the foundation of competent civil democracy. Of course, all resemblance to real persons, living, dead or in cryogenic states are purely coincidental.

Newspapers, magazines or television sources are welcome to buy articles they find in dooneyscafe.com at their standard freelance or news service rates, whichever is higher.