By Ryan Knighton | August 26, 2003

Ryan Knighton continues to quit smoking…

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Jim Crow Laws for the 21st Century?

By Max Fawcett | August 20, 2003

From his perch on Parliament Hill, Max Fawcett evaluates the increasingly heated discourse surrounding same-sex marriage in Canada.

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Made in Canada

By Max Fawcett | June 18, 2003

Max Fawcett has his own theory about what could create a lasting peace in the Middle East. Strangely enough, it’s Canadian federalism.

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Tashkent Through Gold-tinted Lenses

By John Mcleod | May 29, 2003

John McLeod files his latest report from Uzbekistan

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Agent of Lousy, Unwarranted Criticisms

By Brian Fawcett | April 18, 2003

Brian Fawcett can’t figure out what occasioned television critic John Doyle’s attack on CTV MOW Agent of Influence

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A Brief Prehistory of Friendly Fire

By Tom Sito | April 7, 2003

Tom Sito points out that Friendly Fire isn’t new, but quick reporting on it is…

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Letter from Uz

By John Mcleod | March 24, 2003

Our correspondent from Tashkent, files a report on how the war in Iraq looks from there…

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The French Connection

By Tom Sito | March 17, 2003

A renegade American historian points out a few things everyone seems to be forgetting in the Iraq crisis…

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A Bad Case of Blindness

By Ryan Knighton | March 10, 2003

Ryan Knighton goes to see, sort of, the movie Daredevil

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A Short Solution to the Non-Reading Crisis

By Stan Persky | February 2, 2003

In case you haven’t heard, a non-reading crisis is sweeping the nation. Stan Persky has a solution.

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