The Column

Get It Righter, Eh?

By Brian Fawcett | November 2, 2001

Brian Fawcett isn’t happy with the newspapers

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Bulletin from the Entrepreneurial Zone

By Brian Fawcett | October 19, 2001

Brian Fawcett examines an adult education catalogue

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On Terrorism and Fundamentalism

By Brian Fawcett | October 12, 2001

Brian Fawcett takes a third run at understanding the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks

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Who’s sitting in Starbucks?

By Brian Fawcett | October 4, 2001

Brian Fawcett offers a couple of terms to describe those people you see sitting in Starbucks

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September 11, Excrement, and Appropriate Reactions

By Daniel Gawthrop | October 1, 2001

Daniel Gawthrop explores why Thai people haven’t responded to America’s tragedy with candlelight vigils

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In the Aftermath of the World Trade Center Attack, part two

By Brian Fawcett | September 27, 2001

Brian Fawcett ponders the departure of sound sleep, and why he had the gift in the first place

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In the Aftermath of the World Trade Center Attack

By Brian Fawcett | September 23, 2001

Brian Fawcett tries to sort out the motives behind two Internet petitions

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By Ryan Knighton | September 13, 2001

Ryan Knighton takes apart the media uses of "trauma" after September 12th.

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Losing Conrad Black

By Brian Fawcett | September 7, 2001

In this week’s Column, Brian Fawcett waves goodbye to Conrad Black

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Self-involved Jerks, or, Sleeping With the Elephants

By Wally Hourback | August 24, 2001

North Bay’s Wally Hourback asks some pertinent questions about the Royal Bank’s recent makeover

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