The Column


By Stan Persky | 2002 May 1

From Berlin, Stan Persky files on the French Presidential election

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Light In the Time of Madness

By Patwant Singh | 2002 April 13

Our Indian Correspondant meditates on the need to protect the "affirming flames" of democracy. (Courtesy, the Asian Age)

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Naive Canadian Columnists

By Raywat Deonandan | 2002 February 27

Our Washington Correspondent takes a swing at Canadian journalists who’ve bought into Bush’s "War on Terrorism".

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By Stan Persky | 2002 February 21

Stan Persky makes a relevant point about commerce and Literature at Brian Fawcett’s expense.

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Screwing the Law-Abiding

By Brian Fawcett | 2002 February 1

Brian Fawcett has some criticisms of the City of Toronto’s latest, and deeply flawed, Anti-Smoking Bylaw…

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Chaos Theory and Traffic Control

By Brian Fawcett | 2002 January 24

Brian Fawcett files a column about why things don’t go the way the planners think they’re going to…

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The Sanctified Simple-mindedness of American Media

By Raywat Deonandan | 2002 January 18

Our Washington correspondant checks in with some questions about what the U.S. mass media ought to be doing, but isn’t.

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The Theatre of Learning

By Raywat Deonandan | 2001 December 11

Raywat Deonandan visits the Smithsonian Institute and encounters an unpleasant phenomena

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Peering into the Smoke, The Debris, the Mirrors

By Brian Fawcett | 2001 November 15

Brian Fawcett offers his insights on the behavior of the Mass Media after the World Trade Centre Attacks and during the war in Afghanistan

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Get It Righter, Eh?

By Brian Fawcett | 2001 November 2

Brian Fawcett isn’t happy with the newspapers

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