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Urban Lifestyle Bikers, and Other Strange Sights to See

By Wally Hourback | October 1, 2002

Our correspondent from North Bay drives down to deliver a few insights, and a motor vehicle sighting

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Jean Chretien’s Moment of Truth

By Brian Fawcett | September 26, 2002

Brian Fawcett has an instinct about the Prime Minister

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A Tragedy of Aesthetics: The "Dianification" of September 11th

By Max Fawcett | September 17, 2002

Max Fawcett has a bone to pick with the way both the media and the public at large have responded to the one year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre.

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Doing Something with September 11th

By Brian Fawcett | September 11, 2002

Brian Fawcett suggest that everyone stop wanking September 11th, and look around their own cities.

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The Pope Visits Toronto

By Brian Fawcett | August 7, 2002

Brian Fawcett writes about what he hopes is the Pope’s farewell tour

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Public Sector Piracy

By Brian Fawcett | July 24, 2002

Brian Fawcett goes after pirates in the public sector

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Some Starbucks-crossed Thoughts

By Brian Fawcett | July 19, 2002

Brian Fawcett posts a long column about the opening of a Starbucks outlet on Toronto’s Bloor Street West

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Pursuing Martha Stewart

By Brian Fawcett | June 28, 2002

Why is Martha Stewart being investigated for insider trading on ImClone Inc stocks when she’s a relatively minor culprit? And why is it likely to make her the biggest loser when the dust settles?

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Soccer’s World Cup meets Downtown Toronto

By Brian Fawcett | June 20, 2002

Brian Fawcett has a little fun with the World Cup of Soccer

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Privacy or History

By Gordon Lockheed | June 11, 2002

Gordon Lockheed takes a shot at Statistics Canada’s refusal to open the 1906 Census data on the grounds that it is "private", and finds larger issues than bureaucratic foot-dragging present

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