Letter from Istanbul

By Myrna Kostash | October 13, 2001

Myrna Kostash, in search of Byzantium, finds some other things as well

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By Stan Persky | October 12, 2001

Stan Persky’s fourteenth entry in The Short Version is about the French writer, Roland Barthes

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Here’s New York

By E.B. White | October 12, 2001

Charles Christopherson exerpts a 1948 essay by the great essayist

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On Terrorism and Fundamentalism

By Brian Fawcett | October 12, 2001

Brian Fawcett takes a third run at understanding the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks

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Graz answers Joe Tuzi

By Graziano Marchese | October 11, 2001

Graz solves a urinary tract problem

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Who’s sitting in Starbucks?

By Brian Fawcett | October 4, 2001

Brian Fawcett offers a couple of terms to describe those people you see sitting in Starbucks

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Dear Graz letter #3

By Graziano Marchese | October 1, 2001

Graz advises Joseph H. on a delicate matter

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September 11, Excrement, and Appropriate Reactions

By Daniel Gawthrop | October 1, 2001

Daniel Gawthrop explores why Thai people haven’t responded to America’s tragedy with candlelight vigils

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From Melville to Hamill

By Ryan Knighton | October 1, 2001

Ryan Knighton continues his investigation of the automobile

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In the Aftermath of the World Trade Center Attack, part two

By Brian Fawcett | September 27, 2001

Brian Fawcett ponders the departure of sound sleep, and why he had the gift in the first place

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