Dear Graz letter #3

By Graziano Marchese | October 1, 2001

Dear Graz,

I’m in a jam. I’m getting engaged to this lovely girl, but I’ve continued to keep in touch with my ex. Anyway, we’ve invited a lot of friends who know my ex to our engagement party, but my soon-to-be fiance doesn’t want my ex to come.

I can’t get myself to call her if all I can say is that my future wife feels uncom fortable in your presence. The click is ticking. What do I do?

Joseph H. (hopelessly confused on Bloor St. W.)

Graz replies:

Dear Joseph H.:

First of all, I’d never invite my ex to anything, except maybe a funeral. Second, your case depends on what parts of your old girlfriend you’ve remained in touch with. If you’re not touching her in any deep way, talk the issue out with your fiance. If she continues to behave like a prison warden, maybe you’re setting yourself up for a life in jail, not a marriage. Third, the brush-off line you need for your ex is in your letter: "My future wife feels uncomfortable in your presence."

Good luck.


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