Owning the Podium

By Brian Fawcett | 2010 February 22

Brian Fawcett is enjoying Canada’s failure to “Own the Podium” at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Here’s why.

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Multicultural Real Life Drama #467

By Brian Fawcett | 2008 May 6

Brian Fawcett records a stitch in our multicultural fabric

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World Cup, eh?

By Wally Hourback | 2006 July 4

North Bay’s Wally Hourback has some remarks about the officiating in soccer’s World Cup tournament

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Jackass Watch

By Wally Hourback | 2006 May 25

Wally Hourback files one of his occasional reports from North Bay, this one about mountain climbers leaving people to die, Christians waking up to the Da Vinci Code , and the National Post channelling the CIA once again.

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Dan Browne, eh?

By Lyle Neff | 2006 May 21

Vancouver writer Lyle Neff offers a quick primer to Dan Browne and his real code especially for Canadians

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Hey! Maybe This Thing Really Works!

By Max Fawcett | 2005 July 28

Rachel Marsden no longer works at the National Post. Max Fawcett stops by, if only briefly, to gloat.

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Defending the Indefensible?

By Max Fawcett | 2004 November 19

Prime Minister Paul Martin’s decision to sack Carolyn Parrish isn’t as clear-cut as the mainstream media is making it out to be. Max Fawcett probes a little deeper and discovers a disturbing hypocrisy at play.

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Scary Thoughts from North Bay

By Wally Hourback | 2004 June 21

Wally Hourback talks to some Albertans about some rats due to arrive in Ottawa on Stephen Harper’s Western Wagon Train…

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By Joe Fuoco | 2004 May 29

At the time of fullest growth in Vancouver, Joe Fuoco remembers the past

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Inner Kitty

By Tanya Paz | 2004 May 28

In the first of a new series for Dooney’s on fashion and social mores, Tanya Paz finds the sexpot within

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