Launching A Walrus

By Brian Fawcett | November 6, 2003

Brian Fawcett examines The Walrus with some good will

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A Canadian in America

By Max Fawcett | October 25, 2003

While searching for his annual supply of Halloween firecrackers, Max Fawcett encounters some unexpected, and unwanted, resistance.

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George Bush Belongs To Me

By Lynn Suderman | February 28, 2003

Lynn Suderman has a very interesting dream

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Open Letter From John Berger

By John Berger | February 8, 2003

In an open letter, John Berger writes of the war against Iraq, and about what democracy means…

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Change For it’s Own Sake Doesn’t Work

By Max Fawcett | June 11, 2002

Max Fawcett questions the wisdom of a mid-course leadership race within the Federal Liberal party, and probes at Paul Martin’s less-than-stellar motives for embroiling the party in one now…

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Kraft Dinner Follies in Ottawa

By Gordon Lockheed | June 4, 2002 editor Gordon Lockheed examines the questions not being asked about Paul Martin Jr’s diet preferences

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Car Panel #16

By George Bowering | February 10, 2002

George Bowering drives by with another of his "car panels"

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Bearded Story

By Ryan Knighton | November 22, 2001

Ryan Knighton offers another panel about cars, this time with facial hair and a dead snake

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A 1941 Chevrolet, a White Silk Scarf

By George Bowering | October 31, 2001

George Bowering and Frank Davey are transported through the streets of Vancouver in black, among other things

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On Learning To Cruise

By Ryan Knighton | October 30, 2001

Ryan Knighton continues his troubled romance with the automobile

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