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By Max Fawcett | July 28, 2005

I’d like to take some small measure of credit for the fact that The National Post is no longer inflicting Rachel Marsden on the Canadian public twice a week. My article, posted here a few weeks back, was part of a growing chorus of Canadians who were seriously annoyed by the idea that she was being paid by a national newspaper to share her “opinions”. That is, thankfully, no longer the case, and I might even buy a copy of the Post here and there to show my support for their editorial decision.

I should reiterate that it isn’t her ultra-conservative ideology that I found so distasteful, although ideology in general is a very dangerous thing. I have no problem with the Andrew Coynes and Norman Spectors of the world; catch me on a particularly good — or bad, depending upon your interpretation — day and I even enjoy them. I usually disagree with their politics and the way they see the world but they at least have the decency to a) use logical, coherent arguments, and b) avoid abusing the English language in the reckless manner that Marsden does/did. So if anybody ever catches me complaining about the difficulties presented by trying to make a living as a writer, remind me of this day. I can now die a reasonably content man, secure in the knowledge that I’ve helped to make the world a marginally less stupid place to live.

 Toronto, July 23, 2005.


  • Max Fawcett

    Max Fawcett is the former editor of the Chetwynd Echo, a weekly newspaper in the small northern town of Chetwynd, B.C. He currently lives in Edmonton, and works as the managing editor of Alberta Venture Magazine.

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