More on Juxtaposition

By John Harris | 2009 November 25

John Harris loses his temper at the dooneyscafe.com editors, and then quickly regains control of it. Thus, the editors get what they asked for, and the universe continues to unfold as it should.

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Of Juxtaposition

By John Harris | 2009 November 18

John Harris posts a review of Cecil Giscombe’s new book of poems

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Yew and Me

By Renee Rodin | 2009 November 18

Renee Rodin isn’t happy about the way Vancouver is going, and she knows why…

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RIP Patwant Singh, 1925-2009

By Brian Fawcett | 2009 August 29

Brian Fawcett meets a wise man.

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In the Land of Oz

By Stan Persky | 2009 July 17

Coming-of-age, coming-to-grief, coming-to-terms in Amos Oz’s tale of love and darkness.

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Spiral Diving at the Toronto Fringe

By Brian Fawcett | 2009 July 9

Brian Fawcett is front row centre at the Toronto Fringe Festival.

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Trudeau, He Ain’t

By Max Fawcett | 2009 July 3

Max Fawcett examines the comparisons that have been made between Michael Ignatieff and Pierre Trudeau, but finds little of substance to support them.

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The Snowflake from the Snow

By Stan Persky | 2009 June 16

In Orhan Pamuk’s novel about contemporary Turkey, it’s snowing at the end of the world.

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The Northern Name Game

By Max Fawcett | 2009 June 11

Max Fawcett discovers that up north, names aren’t ever what they seem to be.

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Homeland Alone

By Stan Persky | 2009 May 21

Stan Persky reads the war books of a belligerent decade.

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