What To Do With the Writers’ Union of Canada

By Brian Fawcett | June 4, 2011

Brian Fawcett goes to the Writers’ Union of Canada AGM and doesn’t find it relevant or much fun

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Tunisian Postcards

By Margaret Randall | May 23, 2011

Margaret Randall reports from Tunisia.

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Book Prizes and Education

By Jean Baird | May 18, 2011

Jean Baird files a think piece about the how Canadian writing is no longer taught in our secondary and middle schools and why it happened.

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A Post Election Rant

By Norbert Ruebsaat | May 18, 2011

Norbert Ruebsaat thinks Stephen Harper is a Dungeons and Dragons politician, and he thinks even less of NDP leader Jack Layton

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Scenes from the Digital Revolution #467

By Gordon Lockheed | May 16, 2011

In accordance with our “Always glad to help a fella on the make” rules, Gordon Lockheed answers a letter.

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What’s Threatening Book Publishing in Canada?

By Gordon Lockheed | May 12, 2011

Gordon Lockheed looks at the deep structure of the book publishing malaise, offers some provisional solutions, but sees a deeper threat emerging

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Letter from Berlin: True Patriot Distractedness

By Stan Persky | April 10, 2011

Stan Persky’s attention is riveted by the Canadian election.

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Prize Culture, David Suzuki, and Writers’ Trust

By Gordon Lockheed | March 30, 2011

Gordon Lockheed has some leading questions about book prizes, what the Writers’ Trust is about, and why David Suzuki was given a prize for lifetime achievement as a writer..

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Stop the presses!

By Stan Persky | February 17, 2011

Tom Rachman’s stories about a newspaper in Rome deftly capture the travails of a dying industry.

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Cuban Postcards

By Margaret Randall | February 14, 2011

Margaret Randall on a return visit to Cuba.

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