Reality Hunger: A Manifesto / a / overture

By David Shields | February 19, 2023

David Shields’ 2010 manifesto, “Reality Hunger,” about the state of contemporary writing. Time for a second look.

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Scribbles from Italy: The Centre of Things, Last Days in Canada, And So It Begins

By Vian Andrews | February 12, 2023

Canadian writer Vian Andrews and his wife moved from Vancouver to Umbria in Italy. Here are his “scribbles” from a new place in the world.

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Cuckoo Coup

By Stan Persky | November 2, 2021

Stan Persky reflects on the ex-prez’s Jan. 6 coup attempt, and the danger that the “next coup” poses to democracy in a post-truth era.

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Some Musings on Quitting Cigarettes and Facebook

By Michael Boughn | August 21, 2021

Michael Boughn on quitting cigarettes, and quitting Facebook. Compare and contrast.

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Why Jean Meslier matters

By Max Fawcett | November 9, 2020

Max Fawcett searches for the prophet of atheism.

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Preserving Racism or Preserving History?

By Margaret Randall | September 10, 2020

Margaret Randall is thinking about statues, racism, and history.

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Ken Belford: A Personal and Literary Reminiscence

By John Harris | April 3, 2020

John Harris remembers poet Ken Belford.

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Once in Europa: What do the 2019 EU election results mean?

By Stan Persky | June 3, 2019

The rightwing populist tsunami didn’t happen; Greens blossom; Europe fragments, pro-EU majority maintained.

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Sonnet About Orpheus (Where)

By Stan Persky | May 20, 2019

Singing the Lord’s song in a strange land.

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Trump Prose Poem, a.k.a. Potus Takes a Snooze

By Stan Persky | April 14, 2019

POTUS takes a snooze.

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