Friday, March 22, 2019

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Letter from Berlin: Quo Vadis, Greece?

By Stan Persky | 2015 July 24

Questions about Greece that maybe even the Delphic oracle can’t answer.

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Local Investment, Local Knowledge, and the Way Ideas are Imagined

By Brian Fawcett | 2015 June 3

Brian Fawcett goes home to Prince George to award the “John Harris Prize,” and makes a speech about what happened to the profits and prophets of the region.

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Letter from Berlin: Syriza and the Minotaur

By Stan Persky | 2015 March 21

Of fiscal gods and monster debts: the Greek crisis.

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Two Principles of Free Speech

By John Dixon | 2015 March 20

John Dixon on free speech.

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Letter from Berlin: History, Cont’d.

By Stan Persky | 2015 January 17

Reflections on the shootings in Paris, and the Continuation, not the End, of History.

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Is the Far-Right Right?

By Brian Fawcett | 2015 January 16

We know David Solway is right wing. But is he actually right about any of it? Brian Fawcett investigates….

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Some Moral Hysteria

By Brian Fawcett | 2015 January 16

Brian Fawcett on the media stampede surrounding Jian Gomeshi and Bill Cosby.

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Cabinet of Curiosities

By Norbert Ruebsaat | 2014 July 10

Norbert Ruebsaat stops in London to make sure he’s got the right Rosetta Stone in sight.

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An Independent Newsroom Where Self-Censorship Rules

By Daniel Gawthrop | 2014 June 1

Dan Gawthrop reports from Burma. The post-dictatorship press looks “independent,” but what about the big story on which it is tip-toeing the government line?

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Ukraine: Here’s Facebooking at You, Kid

By Stan Persky | 2014 May 20

A little Facebook music please: transcript of a social media conversation about current events.

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