For the Record

By John Harris | 2004 January 15

John Harris, who is not Brian Fawcett, answers a strange query from an Important Novelist Not Exactly Famous For Her Research Skills concerning his identity, and whether or not he is stalking her…

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Don’t Let the Smoke Get in Your Eyes

By Stan Persky | 2004 January 7

The Supreme Court of Canada upheld the country’s marijuana laws last month. Stan Persky explains why they got it wrong.

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PRAIRE GHETTOES: Healing Urban Aboriginal Communities

By Trevor Boddy | 2003 November 3

A prairie native offers a startling look at urban decline in Saskatchewan and Manitoba..

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Unquestioned Assumptions: An Interview with Derrick Jensen

By Laurent Brondel | 2003 October 20

Larent Brondel offers a wide-ranging interview with American activist Derrick Jensen

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Rethinking Stupidity and Self-Involvement

By Brian Fawcett | 2003 September 9

Eleven months later, Brian Fawcett answers a reader’s query about why he dislikes stupidity and self-involvement so much

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Living Among the Fires

By Meryl Duprey | 2003 August 26

Westbank, B.C. resident Meryl Duprey files an eye-witness report on the Kelowna Forest Fire

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By Brian Fawcett | 2003 July 18

Several years ago, Brian Fawcett asked Indian writer Patwant Singh for the meaning of life. Here, he tries to explain the answer he got…

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Letter from Berlin: Kanada Week

By Stan Persky | 2003 May 26

Stan Persky reports on how the maple syrup is going down in the German capital.

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Orwell’s Nightmare

By Stan Persky | 2003 April 27

It’s the centenary of George Orwell’s birth. Stan Persky re-reads Homage to Catalonia.

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David Frum’s Spiritual Progress

By Brian Fawcett | 2003 April 3

Brian Fawcett examines the career of David Frum.

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