Good to Me

By George Bowering | September 17, 2004 is pleased to publish the first chapter of Bowering’s baseball autobiography…

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Through the Eyes of Mr. Palomar

By Stan Persky | September 17, 2004

Some thoughts on Italo Calvino, from a forthcoming book of memoir/travel/essays.

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Brautigan, Buchenwald, Budapest/Bucharest

By Stan Persky | September 5, 2004

Passages from a forthcoming book of memory and premonition.

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Days of Social Democracy: A Memoir

By Stan Persky | August 24, 2004

In the 1970s, Dave Barrett became the first social democratic premier of British Columbia. Stan Persky remembers why it mattered.

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Baruch ata Adonai, Bones, Books, Bowering

By Stan Persky | July 27, 2004

Some recent passages from Stan Persky’s forthcoming ABC book, The Short Version.

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The Secret

By Bruce Serafin | July 21, 2004

Bruce Serafin remembers his first attempt to move from provinciality to cosmopolitanism

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A Critic Stripped Bare, Even (Thinking Outside the Green Box)

By T.F. Rigelhof | July 12, 2004

T.F. Rigelhof answers Vermeer’s Patch, which Bruce Serafin uploaded two weeks ago.

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Black Sheets

By Vivien Lougheed | July 12, 2004

Will Canada – and more specifically, Ontario – allow Sharia law? Vivien Lougheed hopes not

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A Ghost in the Water

By Bruce Serafin | July 4, 2004

Bruce Serafin celebrates a visionary writer with a new idea about BC

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Vermeer’s Patch

By Bruce Serafin | June 27, 2004

After reading some attack critics (and getting a little warm), Bruce Serafin looks at Philip Marchand looking at Northrop Frye

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