Gloriah Amondi

Gloriah Amondi is an aspiring human rights lawyer, a linguist and a writer. She occasionally writes for the Kenyan national newspaper, The Standard. She also contributes to the blog "Bikozulu" and has published in the Kalahari Review, Ibua Literary Journal, and Lolwe Literary Magazine. Her work has also been discussed in the Amka Women's Space at Goethe Institute Nairobi. When she's not writing, she teaches Mandarin to kids or drums as part of an underground band that nobody has ever heard about.

Last April

By Gloriah Amondi / 2023 May 31
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Gloriah Amondi’s narrator arrives back in Nairobi. A friend has died, her ex-lover has moved in with the Love of their Life, there’s a memorial mass to attend, and she has dreams of the dead friend. She writes on stickers and puts them up on the walls: “Death has a lot of time. It will wait, it will wait.”

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