Sonnet About Orpheus (Where)

By Stan Persky | May 20, 2019

You are here. At the end
of a sentence. Which is where,

(according to Blaser,) the gods are
an adventure.    I thought that “here” meant

the period     at the end of
“you are here.”    The black dot, black

hole.   But the arrow of “you are here”
points to something     on a map, at

the entrance to the park,     maybe
just the fork in the road, a cross-

roads, or the cave mouth
(of hell), guarded by the 3-headed dog.

If this is the Endgame
you are free to say

anything you want. It is no longer
a dialogue. You could have

“hanged your harp on the willows
in the midst thereof”*    No one asked you

to bring back the dead.
Not even Eurydice. But you did.



–Berlin,  2019
*Psalm 137

on the occasion of
Brian Fawcett’s 75th birthday


  • Stan Persky

    Stan Persky taught philosophy at Capilano University in N. Vancouver, B.C. He received the 2010 B.C. Lieutenant-Governor's Award for Literary Excellence. His most recent books are Reading the 21st Century: Books of the Decade, 2000-2009 (McGill-Queen's, 2011), Post-Communist Stories: About Cities, Politics, Desires (Cormorant, 2014), and Letter from Berlin: Essays 2015-2016 (Dooney's, 2017).

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