Missing the Point about Abdulmutallab

By Gordon Lockheed | December 31, 2009

All those people waiting in American airport security lines like docile cattle, along with the Homeland Security dorks who are dithering over what new machines and humiliating body-searches need to be installed or instituted at airport security checkpoints to keep the terrorists at bay, seem to have missed the important points about Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s failed attempt to blow up a Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines Airbus.

The first point is that Abdulmutallab failed to blow up the plane. He got past airport security, sure. What he didn’t get past were the passengers on the plane itself, who have become, since 2001, the most effective anti-terrorist device yet invented. He was grabbed and pummeled senseless by his fellow passengers within seconds of making his move. The days of airline passenger docility are done.

The second point everyone has missed is exactly how ludicrous the bombing attempt was. When he was jumped by fellow passengers, Abdulmutallab was setting fire to his own genitals and legs, and he failed miserably. Instead of finding himself in paradise surrounded by beautiful concubines, he’s now in a Michigan prison hospital with his dick burned off and a whole lot of bruises on his face and torso, with more to come if and when he’s released into the general prison population (highly recommended). Preliminary reports suggest that Abdulmutallab learned how to pull his stunt in an Al Qaeda terrorist training camp somewhere in Yemen. If that’s all Al Qaeda has got these days, and if they’re willing to send out clowns like this addled kid, we should be celebrating, not stuffing our airports with incompetent security dorks who’ll succeed at little more than turning air travel into still more hellish bus rides than they’ve already become.

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