By Catherine Keenan | January 31, 2001

TVZero’s Studio2 anchorhead Steve Paikin did his usual misinformed waggle interview with a very nice lady from World Vision Canada the other night, about the government’s decision to stop funding abortion-related services by NGOs. If you believe Paikin’s interview, the new rule isn’t going to have much, if any, effect on NGOs working around the world.

If Paikin was doing his job, he’d know that World Vision Canada is run by Christian fundamentalists, and they don’t do the family planning thing. She said, "No! The ban won’t affect us at all," and he said, "So the ban isn’t going to have much effect."

Am I the only one who remembers the day Bob Rae was elected Premier of Ontario, and Steve, who was at the CBC local news desk in Toronto, finally got his 30 second remote interview? He asked, "Mr. Premier, are you feeling good tonight? You’ve had a lot of personal tragedy in your life, with the loss of your brother to leukemia, and the tragic death of your in-laws in a car accident. Does tonight’s victory make up for all that sadness?"

Whaddaguy… He made over $100K last year.


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