Thobani, Sunera

Feminist racism fundamentalist and entrepreneur, former NAC head and UBC Women’s Studies professor who has spent most of the last decade trying to shout slogans while cramming her foot down her own throat. Currently being hounded by outraged B.C.-based nitwits like Premier Gordon Campbell and Stockwell Day for employing, in an Ottawa speech, the same blood-splattering rhetoric to describe the United States as Osama ben Laden does. No one seems to have noticed that George W. Bush and most other Western political figures are using similar rhetoric to describe Muslim fundamentalists and their governments. The unfortunate part of this otherwise comic dumbshow is that Thobani’s lack of discretion is making her the poster-person for those who want to restrict immigration to those who’ll keep their mouths shut and wash dishes, or can afford to hire someone to wash their dishes.

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