Stuckless, Gordon:

One of the many fiends Rosie Dimanno and Christie Blatchford are making a living trying to hound straight into hell, Stuckless is the sexual predator who used his Maple Leaf Gardens job to screw up the lives of dozens of sexually gullible kids. End of story and off to hell? Yes, but at the same time, it seems evident that Stuckless is a monumentally talentless and mediocre human being, and the kind of man there were literally thousands of in small towns across Canada a generation ago. These men did little harm back then, not because their urges were much different than those of Stuckless, but because parents and kids alike had them sniffed out and wised up before they got started. Maybe Blatchford and DiManno need to think about how today’s big cities aren’t just places rich in money-making opportunities, and how the media-enjoined moral hysteria that has turned everybody with a public sector job into a potential molester may be disabling our ability to spot the real ones under our noses.

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