Originally an offshoot of unofficial federal government programs to ensure that Canada’s drive-in restaurants would have enough dishwashers, multiculturalism eventually evolved into a two-pronged immigration strategy aimed at securing workers willing to labour at or below minimum wage jobs and for securing offshore investment capital. The strategy didn’t include telling incoming immigrants (capital-intensive or otherwise) that Canada had customs, laws and a culture they ought to learn, a climate they’re not supposed to whine about, and that Canadian citizenship involves duties more extensive than working long enough hours to buy a Camaro.
Multiculturalism is rare outside the major cities in Canada and is in the process of being exterminated within Quebec. Outside of Toronto or Vancouver it is practiced at a limited scale under the disguise of common sense and basic decency– provided that new participants can afford the $900 entry head tax.
In spite of the government’s crappy intentions and inconsistent policies, multiculturalism has evolved into a phenomenon that, due to the tenacity, imagination and aggression of
its intended exploitees is rapidly replacing Canada’s dowdy Euro-WASP cultural fabric with a slightly shredded but more colourful and vibrant weave. Criticizing multiculturalism is a little like shooting fish in a barrel, but everyone should remember this before pulling the trigger: if Canada doesn’t self-destruct as a nation state before the globalist/New Conservative revolution burns itself out, an experiment of large-scale immigration into a hybrid-nation with a weak national identity will be one of the crucial political experiments of the 21st Century.

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