Immigration Policy

A cynical view of recent Canadian immigration policy would describe it as a mechanism originally designed to get the dishes washed in fast food chains that devolved into a system willing to let anyone wealthy enough buy their way into the country. It’s much more complicated than that. Since the 1950s Canada has had no coherent or stable immigration policy, but rather a series of bureaucratic capitulations to circumstance mixed with political collapses in the face of expedience which together have resulted in one unfortunate ruling after another. What the solutions to the mess of immigration are isn’t very clear to anyone, but some of the unadmitted effects are: 1.A patchwork set of entrance regulations based primarily on the worst sort of nepotism or on the principle of receiverless bribes; 2.the presence of several xenophobic and openly racist immigrant minorities in various parts of the country, some of them organized and militant, others simply wealthy enough to buy whatever tolerance or fear suits them. 3.A serious split between the major urban centres, which are multicultural and in several locations dominantly non-European; and the hinterlands, which are white and getting hostile about it. 4.) Neither the will nor effective mechanisms to introduce incoming immigrants to the indigenous culture of Canada-immigrants are invited to bring their habituations with them, lock, stock and barrel, even when they are refugees coming from dysfunctional cultures that have degenerated into barbarism. Presumbly they’ve come here for something than they had, but no one has the confidence to offer anything to them except television and the mall.

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