Glasco, Kimberley

According to some people, this principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada was denied interesting roles and eventually canned because she was 38 years old and her brittle set of dancing skills were fading fast. Others argue that she was fired because she’d called into question, as the dancer’s representative on the Ballet Board of Directors, the financial arrangements of the Company. Glasco went to court over her dismissal, and was reinstated. Arts managers are now whining that Glasco’s reinstatement raises the spectre of the courts regularly telling employers in the arts who they must cast in starring roles. If that’s going to be the way things are, they argue, what’s to stop every hack actor from suing theatres when they don’t get the plum roles, or minor dancers suing dance companies when they audition and don’t get the parts they think they deserve? The Canadian Alliance Part will enjoy the resulting chaos, but has anyone else got a problem with this?

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