Fonyo, Steve

Person-of-One-Leg who hopped across Canada in 1984-85. Unlike Terry Fox, (who was probably at least a third as nice as the media made him out to be, thus placing him above the Buddha and just below Jesus Christ) Fonyo drank, swore, was prone to outbursts of temper, and didn’t like his father very much. He ended up on the nasty end of several misdemeanor criminal charges a few years after his run, and he’s living somewhere in Canada as a relatively normal not always likeable human being nobody in the media ever wants to hear from again. That makes us forget that he was a courageous young man with immense drive, and that we owe him a backhanded debt of gratitude for saving us from having our highways clogged with asymmetrical self-realizing pilgrims on what would inevitably be increasingly bizarre personal quests for self-validation, celebrity and research funds they want to supervise in person.

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