Expo 67

“Man and His World”, which opened in Montreal in the summer of 1967, was supposed to celebrate Canada’s 100th birthday. Actually marked it the beginning of Montreal’s decline as a Canadian and international centre. This happened partly because French Canadians noticed that the men in the world spoke English, women realized that they didn’t have much of a world to work with, and the offshore Expo visitors recognized that Canada most resembled a plump white rabbit ready for skinning. Montreal’s nine year downhill run as a “world class city” ended in the 1976 Olympics and a river of red ink that rivalled the St. Lawrence in breadth and depth. An accidental side-effect of this red-ink conflagration has been the Olympic Games as we now experience them: a jamboree of corporate logos, steroid, and the total disappearance of amateur athletes. (see [WORLD CLASS]

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