Duffy, Mike

Aggrieved white guy, Gourmet newsperson and political contortionist. Despite being 5000 donuts over the limit, Duffy was able to fit comfortably into the breast pockets of three successive Prime Ministers and anyone else willing to slash a budget or enhance corporate powers. Duffy believes that the media is a left-wing conspiracy, which may indicate that it’s time to ship him out of Ottawa for a reality check even if it requires a special rail car. The amazingly short time Duffy was removed from the airwaves after reminding Margaret Trudeau, at her exhusband’s funeral, that it was the anniversary of her son Michel’s death, is a testimony to how hard up the Canadian media was for news-readers, or a tribute to the top brass at CTV’s fear of being sat on. Now a Conservative appointee to the senate, god help us.

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