The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s way of shamelessly pressing it’s lips to the hindquarters of the Zeitgeist, where cutthroat business dorks are the culture heroes the mass media offers up for envy and emulation. CBC television’s Dragon’s Den is a Japanese-born format now running in 18 countries. The Canadian version features super-aggressive meathead Kevin O’Leary as the beast, Arlene Dickinson as the motherly capitalist, and a changing cast of fungible successful dorks to mouth the in-between slogans, the least objectionable of which was Brett Wilson, who actually went out of his way to help some of the struggling business people who went on the show looking for help and capital.


So nobody misses what all this is about, the CBC has cut all its arts coverage from its mainframe network, and has replaced it with a tidal wave of Harper-friendly glorifications of corporate business and entrepreneurial aggression in what will likely prove a futile attempt the massive cuts to its budget Harper has been waiting for a majority government to perpetrate. Since the CBC is now barely distinguishable from the privately owned television and radio networks in the country, few of its natural supporters are now going to work very hard to prevent the axe from following. What were they thinking???

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