Day, Stockwell

Former Alberta Treasurer, fumbler, bungler, one-man Three Stooges for the Canadian Alliance Party and now Foreign Affairs critic for the federal Conservative party. His sole virtue is that he doesn’t, unlike Preston Manning, sound like a turkey scratching in straw when he talks. The Day stewardship of the political right in Canada was an unrelenting comedy of errors: initially naming the part the Canadian Reform Alliance Party, (or CRAP); a homophobic inner circle that alienated the large and brainy queer segment of Ontario’s Provincial Conservatives; Day’s hilarious factual mistakes and/or misstatements (Ontario’s Niagara river running south, the referendum goof up, implying that the Flintstones were historically accurate, his oft-stated belief that dinosaurs roamed the earth in 4000 BCE,  etc). That, coupled with his less-than-stellar but definitely eager performance during the 2000 federal election campaign left the movement so lost in the wilderness that poor old semi-senile Joe Clark nearly blew it down. He went on to hold a series of cabinet posts in Harper’s governments. Now retired, to Stephen Harper’s considerable relief.

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