D’allaire, Romeo

Canadian Forces Lt.-Gen. who tried to stop the genocide in Rwanda and then proceeded home to have a truly articulate and edifying public near-nervous breakdown over his failure. D’Allaire took command of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR) in July 1993, shortly after the genocide got underway and was the sole U.N. official in the entire—and still ongoing—mid-African nightmare that Philip Gourevitch’s remarkable book on Rwanda credits as having remained a morally competent member of the human species. The U.N. itself eventually admitted that D’Allaire “did not have the men he needed, they arrived late and without the right equipment.” Those who would like to hear what he had to say about it can find it as A98-0291 in Canada’s Access To Information (ATI) archives. D’Allaire retired from the Canadian Forces and is currently NOT following in the footsteps of Gen. Lewis MacKenzie. See [Generals, Retired]

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