Blue Jays

1.Large, noisy but elegantly coloured scavengers found in suburbs and forests of Central Canada. 2. Toronto’s baseball team and twenty-year experiment in world class econopolitics. A Canadian brewery buys American and Latino millionaires to play baseball in a stadium where it’s more fun to watch the top open and close than to follow what is, if we were sane, a children’s game. The Jays win two World Series, but the millionaire ballplayers still leave town the moment the season’s over. Then the brewery is sold to foreigners who care nothing for baseball or Toronto’s world class aspirations, the millionaires go elsewhere to play, the team sinks in the standings, and the fans quit coming to the stadium. Wasn’t World Class great? No? Well, at least it got us the right to drink beer in public, which is about all World Class ever gets anyone.
Will [Ted Rogers] and Paul Godfrey change this? Don’t hold your breath.

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