Bieber, Justin

Cuteness deified. Adored by legions of “Beliebers,” Justin Bieber is Canada’s 21st century pop-tart star. Since his singing talents are, to put it politely, modest; and his songs are the usual generational treacle; and he’s not a “natural” dancer (cf., the late Michael Jackson), the thriller is mostly in the shirtless visuals.

The thriller is in the shirtless visuals.

Having entered his “troubled teens” phase, the Bieb has transitioned from 16-year-old sweety to naughty 19-year-old, complete with tantrums, concert tardiness, drugs, run-ins with paparazzi lizards, and has become the subject of tut-tutting, somber Globe and Mail op-eds headed, “Is Justin Bieber an Embarrassment to Canada?” Can rehab and/or religion be far ahead? Probably someone only a male parent couldn’t love.

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