Anti-globalisation Movement

(aka global justice movement) a tiny collection of young do-gooders and old-left radicals looking to halt the corporate juggernaut. While it was a small coalition of activists from every conceivable progressive campaign or leftist tendency, it seemed to attract a bandwagon chic that brought sizable numbers of middle-class white youth to its mostly monotonous and cheerless protests. The sight of young people on the streets who weren’t just rioting over a sports event was probably why the media gave them so much coverage – warranted or not. That their protests were manifested in purely symbolic ways meant that they seemed to accept the inevitability of the ‘end of history’ and the replacement of civil culture and enlightened self interest with corporate capitalism. Because the anti-globablists are starting to pass up symbolic protests to fight for social justice by actually communicating with their fellow citizens – who happen to have a vested interest in humanity, ecology, and harmony – is a sign of maturity. Perhaps history isn’t over quite yet.

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