Anders, Rob

Canadian parliamentary Idiot-of-the-Month for May, 2001 for his rejection of Parliament’s unanimous appointment of Nelson Mandela to honorary Canadian Citizenship. Anders took his position because he believes Mandela is a Communist and a terrorist, and called him a poster boy for multicultural political correctness. Never mind that Anders accusations would be essentially accurate if he’d put the first two in the past tense: Mandela was a Communist, and South Africa’s Apartheit government did force him to acts of terrorism before it sent him to prison for 20 years. The questions nobody seems to have asked have to do with what Canada was while the Communist terrorist Mandela was rotting in jail because of Apartheit, and whether or not we should be offering Mr. Mandela our apology rather than draping him in our flag. Another unasked question is whether Anders is more dangerous to democracy than our previous parliamentary Idiot-of-the-Month, Tom Wappel.

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