Siberry , Jane

From her birth in 1955 to first recorded output in 1981, Siberry spent her formative years  assimilating influences and developing her musical vocabulary, a journey which continues to this day.  She recently said that she is inching her way towards her prime, and expects there to be further delays. Siberry uses her musical vocabulary to “flesh out” the sounds she would like to hear herself, to please her own aesthetic, for which we are blessed to be taken along for the ride . Her songs often have complex structures, and Siberry herself recently asked, while trying to learn her own new songs in preparation for an upcoming tour “why why why can’t I write country songs?” It can be said that both Siberry and her music are about nice. Some people love her for this, and some don’t. In a world where bad seems dominant, more fashionable and easier to do than nice, the niceness that Siberry presents is a refreshing respite from the evening news and workaday horror show. She is paying forward, not just for herself but for all of us.

(R.”Snap” McDilleaux)

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