CBC: The Stursbergians-vs-The Gzowskiteers

By Sidney Australia | May 19, 2014

Here’s the best piece we’ve seen on the current CBC catastrophe. Yes, it’s a link to the dreaded, failing National Pest, but nonetheless…


Peter Gzowski vs. the other CBC.

Peter Gzowski vs. the other CBC.

Cultural Studies: The Stursbergians vs. The Gzowskiteers — Why it’s time for the nerds to stand up for their CBC

Jesse Brown, Special to National Post | May 17, 2014 | Last Updated: May 16 5:34 PM ET

Journalistic footnoe: attentive readers will notice that although the Pest headline refers to someone named Richard Stursberg and the layout carries a photo of him, there’s nothing in the story that explains who he is or why he’s apparently disliked. Stursberg was a CBC vice-president who was responsible for the English-language network from 2004-2010, and who later wrote a self-justifying memoir, The Tower of Babble (2012).  The omission in the Pest piece is no doubt the result of various possibilities: either it’s assumed that everyone is familiar with Stursberg and the arcane gossip surrounding him because these events occurred somewhere in the vicinity of Toronto, or perhaps the op-ed’s author, Jesse Brown, wrote some paragraphs about Stursberg that ended up on the editorial room floor.



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