South Asian Madness

By Raywat Deonandan | 2002 February 1

Ray Deonandan appraises Eric Margolis’ War At The Top Of The World: The Struggle For Afghanistan, Kashmir

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By Stan Persky | 2002 January 23

From Thailand, Persky offers a view of J.M. Coetzee’s 1996 Giving Offense: Essays on Censorship

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Tomatoes In Toronto

By Gordon Lockheed | 2001 September 18

Graz’s first letter, dated September 10, 2001

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Regarding Henry

By Daniel Gawthrop | 2001 August 23

Daniel Gawthrop reviews Christopher Hitchen’s recent indictment of Henry Kissinger

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Mean Streets of Havana

By Stan Persky | 2001 August 9

Stan Persky on the mean streets of Havana

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Uncle John’s Cabin

By John Harris | 2001 August 3

Uncle John’s Cabin: John Harris wrestles with Cecil Giscome’s memoir of discovery Into and Out of Dislocation

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By Stan Persky | 2001 July 4

Stan Persky offers a tribute to the late Mordecai Richler by way of a review of Barney’s Version

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By Stan Persky | 2001 June 5

Stan Persky reviews Larry McMurtry’s Walter Benjamin At The Dairy Queen: Reflections at Sixty and Beyond

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By John Harris | 2001 February 5

Rita Moir’s Buffalo Jump: A Woman’s Travels, is an impulse buy for John Harris

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KING KEVLAR: A Meditation on Travel/Adventure Writing

By John Harris | 2001 January 28

John Harris sets off on A Journey of Exploration begun by David Finch’s R.M. Patterson, A Life of Great Adventure (Calgary: Rocky Mountain Books, 2000).

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