One Way We Survive:Douglas Ord’s View of the National Gallery of Canada

By David Banerjee | December 9, 2003

David Banerjee sheds some light on a little-publcized but very good book on Canada’s National Gallery by Douglas Ord

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Primo Levi’s Cosmology

By Brian Fawcett | October 1, 2003

Brian Fawcett plumbs Primo Levi’s cosmology…

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Ode to a New Yorker Urn

By Stan Persky | August 23, 2003

Is The New Yorker magazine dead and gone? Renata Adler thinks so. Stan Persky fact-checks her memoir.

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Some Small Town Motels and Hotels in the British Columbia Interior

By Brian Fawcett | August 20, 2003

Brian Fawcett does some motels and hotels in the British Columbia interior

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About Robin Blaser

By Stan Persky | August 15, 2003

Stan Persky reads Robin Blaser’s poetry.

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Salty Prices

By Ryan Knighton | August 11, 2003

Ryan Knighton visits the salt mines near Krakow, Poland, and finds them, er, translated…

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Hey! This Book is Really Good.

By Brian Fawcett | July 24, 2003

Brian Fawcett reviews Margaret MacMillan’s Paris 1919

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A Non-Fiction Writer’s Holiday

By Myrna Kostash | July 23, 2003

Myrna Kostash tries to have a throught-free holiday in Europe, and fails miserably–and interestingly.

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AIDS: On re-reading Borrowed Time

By Stan Persky | July 3, 2003

Stan Persky’s reflections on a plague.

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Not-So-Gay Paree

By Stan Persky | June 20, 2003

Stan Persky reads up on Old Europe’s recent history.

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