A Couple of Days at Surf Lodge

By Brian Fawcett | July 26, 2006

Brian Fawcett files a fond report about one of B.C.'s gulf Islands, which has a wealth of conventional virtues, and one that most people wouldn't think is a virtue at all.

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Global Village Despatch

By Brian Fawcett | April 7, 2005

Brian Fawcett finds the “real” Global Village at work in a small B.C. town

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Kee Tseel: Living Silence

By Margaret Randall | October 19, 2004

Margaret Randall travels to a place of "living silence."

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Rideau Hall

By Brian Fawcett | October 18, 2004

Brian Fawcett stays overnight at the residence of Canada’s Governor General, and is very surprised by what he finds

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Angkor Wat

By Stan Persky | October 16, 2004

Where the middle of nowhere turns out to be the centre of everywhere. Tales of a timid time traveller.

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Tinseltown, Vancouver, B.C.

By Brian Fawcett | August 31, 2004

Brian Fawcett, with some help from Trevor Boddy, offers a view of Vancouver’s most cynically concieved retail platform

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Some Small Town Motels and Hotels in the British Columbia Interior

By Brian Fawcett | August 20, 2003

Brian Fawcett does some motels and hotels in the British Columbia interior

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Salty Prices

By Ryan Knighton | August 11, 2003

Ryan Knighton visits the salt mines near Krakow, Poland, and finds them, er, translated…

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A Non-Fiction Writer’s Holiday

By Myrna Kostash | July 23, 2003

Myrna Kostash tries to have a throught-free holiday in Europe, and fails miserably–and interestingly.

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So Far, So Good (8)

By John Harris | February 28, 2003

John Harris records a tour guide’s speech to his passengers

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