Dirty Laundry

By Stan Persky | 2014 February 1

Stan Persky on a sex biography of Gore Vidal.

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By Stan Persky | 2014 January 24

Stan Persky checks out a new book that asks, “Should we read in the digital age?”

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Re-re-reading Gore Vidal: A First Anniversary Requiem

By Stan Persky | 2013 July 18

It’s the month of the first anniversary of the death of writer Gore Vidal. Stan Persky remembers.

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Real World Happiness

By Norbert Ruebsaat | 2013 July 4

Norbert Ruebsaat’s reflections on families, happiness and Brian Fawcett.

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Children of the Daze

By Brian Fawcett | 2013 June 24

Brian Fawcett posts a review of Eduardo Galeano’s new book. He has some misgivings about it…

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Why Did Alt Lit Cross the Road?

By Stan Persky | 2013 June 20

Tao Lin’s new novel, “Taipei,” reviewed by Stan Persky from a rocking chair.

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Vatican Council II’s Last Great Champion

By Daniel Gawthrop | 2013 June 12

Dan Gawthrop, a lapsed Roman Catholic, makes a case for the life and work of his childhood bishop, Remi De Roo, one of the few surviving participants of the Second Vatican Council.

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Language and Silence, or, Just Shut the Fook Up

By Stan Persky | 2013 March 26

Tim Parks travels to the end of his mind in search of a little peace and quiet.

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The Mother-in-Law Joke

By Stan Persky | 2013 February 27

Stephen Marche thinks it’s the Golden Age of reading and writing. Howard Jacobson thinks readers are disappearing and fiction is “fooked” (as they say in England). Stan Persky investigates.

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When Atoms Collide

By Stan Persky | 2013 February 2

Stephen Greenblatt tells the story of a Renaissance book-hunter’s trip to the library. Stan Persky looks at Greenblatt’s “The Swerve” and the pushback from its critics.

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