Not-So-Gay Paree

By Stan Persky | 2003 June 20

Stan Persky reads up on Old Europe’s recent history.

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ROMANCE NOIR: Review of Grant Buday’s A Sack of Teeth

By John Harris | 2003 June 15

John Harris looks at the novels of Vancouver writer Grant Buday

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Making Sweatshops

By Tom Sandborn | 2003 March 10

Tom Sandborn reviews a book on one of the uglier phenomena associated with globalization

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‘Tis the Season

By Stan Persky | 2002 December 8

Stan Persky goes to the Xmas show.

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More Than a Diary, More Than a Lake

By Gordon Lockheed | 2002 November 6

Gordon Lockheed review Diary of a Lake, edited by John Harris and Vivien Lougheed

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His Nose, etc.

By Brian Fawcett | 2002 October 29

Brian Fawcett starts off to review George Bowering’s His Life, but it turns into something more like an appreciation of a very gifted poet’s character

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By John Harris | 2002 October 4

John Harris makes a non-devotional analysis of Matt Cohen’s Typing

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Clara Callan: The Book of the Hour

By Brian Panhuyzen | 2002 October 2

Brian Panhuyzen reviews last year’s GG & Giller winning novel

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By Stan Persky | 2002 July 24

Stan Persky reviews a new book on post-war American fiction

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By John Harris | 2002 June 24

John Harris discusses art, artiness and the overabundance of cliches in the novels of Jane Urquhart, and adds a couple of critical innovations of his own to conventional literary analysis

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