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Albert James Nielsen, March 14, 1944-March 30, 2010

By Brian Fawcett | 2010 April 28

My oldest friend, Don White, forwarded an obituary to me from the Prince George Citizen the other day. It was for Butch Nielsen, a man both of us were equally close to in our formative last two years of high school and for a few years after that. Butch and I were similar in several…

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Ciccio’s Time

By Brian Fawcett | 2010 February 1

Brian Fawcett loses a cherished neighbour in downtown Toronto

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We Don’t Know How Lucky We Are

By Brian Fawcett | 2009 November 15

Brian Fawcett records the end of an exemplary life..

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RIP Patwant Singh, 1925-2009

By Brian Fawcett | 2009 August 29

Brian Fawcett meets a wise man.

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Robin Blaser, 1925-2009: Death’s Duty

By Stan Persky | 2009 May 8

Reflections on the death of poet Robin Blaser.

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Remembering Val Ross

By Max Fawcett | 2008 February 27

Max Fawcett remembers the late Val Ross.

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Ed Mirvish, RIP

By Brian Fawcett | 2007 September 7

Brian Fawcett files a column about the differences between the late Ed
Mirvish and Conrad Black. He's been thinking about this all summer,
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RIP: James Brown

By Bill King | 2007 January 11

Bill King offers a musician's eulogy for the late James Brown.

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RIP: James Brown

By Brian Fawcett | 2007 January 11

Brian Fawcett offers a private eulogy for James Brown

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In Memoriam: John Kenneth Galbraith (1908–2006)

By David Banerjee | 2006 May 20

David Banerjee on an economist who gave liberalism a moral dimension.

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