By Stan Persky | March 25, 2009

Stan Persky re-reads the first great American novel of the millennium.

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Not Dead Yet

By Max Fawcett | March 23, 2009

Why we shouldn’t be so quick to eulogize the daily newspaper.

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What Species of Writer

By Brian Fawcett | March 22, 2009

Brian Fawcett reads a strange and readable book.

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Exit Strategies

By Stan Persky | March 3, 2009

Stan Persky considers literary endgames.

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Flying Backwards

By Margaret Randall | February 21, 2009

Margaret Randall casts a worried eye on the direction that the birds are flying.

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By Norbert Ruebsaat | February 4, 2009

Norbert Ruebsaat on fathers and sons.

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A Poet and A City

By Stan Persky | February 2, 2009

Stan Persky reads George Stanley’s Vancouver: A Poem, and thinks about “The darkness of the mind & the darkness of death, / & in between the bright day, bright city.”

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Reading the Entrails: A forensic review of Conrad Black’s FDR

By John Harris | February 2, 2009

John Harris examines Conrad Black’s treatment of F.D.R. and finds some surprises.

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On Barack Obama

By Brian Fawcett | January 27, 2009

Brian Fawcett on nervously believing in Obama.

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By Stan Persky | January 26, 2009

Stan Persky reads Canada’s 2008 novel of the year, and meets some odd birds.

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