Positively Barbara Ehrenreich

By Lanny Beckman | 2010 January 21

Lanny Beckman reviews Barbara Ehrenreich’s latest, and possibly most timely book

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Booker Prize, 1971

By Jean Baird | 2010 January 20

1971 Jury: John Fowles, Saul Bellow, Lady Antonia Fraser, Philip Toynbee and John Gross. I assume we all know the first three (how did they get rid of Dame West?) Philip Toynbee was a British writer and journalist. He wrote experimental novels, and distinctive verse novels, one of which was an epic called Pantaloon. He…

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Pitch Perfect

By Stan Persky | 2010 January 14

A little night-music maestro… How J.S. Bach’s “Cello Suites” made it from obscurity to modern times.

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What Good Are Books?

By Stan Persky | 2010 January 3

Rick Salutin thinks we could do with a lot less book-reading.

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Missing the Point about Abdulmutallab

By Gordon Lockheed | 2009 December 31

Failed terrorism and the end of airline passenger docility.

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Booker Prize, 1970

By Jean Baird | 2009 December 29

(An addendum appears at the end of this article) 1970   Jury: David Holloway, Dame Rebecca West, Lady Antonia Fraser, Ross Higgins, Richard Hoggart. Holloway is not the guy who played in the CFL. I assume he’s the critic. Fraser is Harold Pinter’s second wife and a detective novelist and historian. Higgins? No idea. The…

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A Florida Christmas Story

By John Harris | 2009 December 24

In the spirit of this Yuletide, John Harris posts a retelling of what Good King Wenceslas really did upon the Feast of Stephen–according to a now Florida-based neo-Capitalist culture hero of yore. Merry Christmas, all!

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Decline and Distraction

By Stan Persky | 2009 December 19

The illusions of empire and the illusions of critics of illusions.

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Vancouver Before the Olympics

By Brian Fawcett | 2009 December 15

Brian Fawcett has a look at the upcoming Vancouver Winter Olympics, and Vancouver’s anxiety levels over them.

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Unkindest of the Kind: No-Euthanasia Policies and Other Kinds of Madness

By Wally Hourback | 2009 November 27

Wally Hourback has some not-quite kind words for Tim Trow and the animal rights activists who were arrested for animal cruelty at the Toronto Humane Society..

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